the developers of ELS3

The team carries the spirit to develop excellent and innovative software solutions. This is our maxim since 20 years

1993 Founding of SSE

1994 Development of the first CAD-Solution « Isar »

1996 Additional modules for industry and safety business

1997 Several installations in switzerland

1998 Integration of extensive module for medical services

1999 Presentation of ELS1, several new installations in switzerland and germany

2001 Further modules for fire-brigades

2002 Webbased time-scheduling

2004 ELS2 installations in Switzerland and germany

2005 Integration of webtechnologies

2006 Presentation of new communication-architecture

2007 Integration of digital radio (Tetra) in switzerland

2009 Dispatching with web-support

2010 Development of iPhone Client

2011 Presentation ELS3

Vorteile von ELS3
Individuell anpassbar: Das Wesentliche sicher im Blick
Beschleunigte Erfassung und Alarmierung
Zukunftsweise Optimierung von Technikstandards