Individually adjustable:
Getting the gist at a glance

ELS 3 doesn’t have a rigid interface: it can be configured at will and you can compose it according to your individual needs. This applies to the arrangement of windows as well as to colours, typefaces and the arrangement of columns.

Accelerated Acquisition and Alarm

Procedures in control stations are as different as their operation range. A modern guide-system has to provide you the support you need in order to accomplish a qualified enrolment of operations at a minimal effort. Only some keystrokes and mouse-clicks suffice - and a request for help is answered quickly.

Pioneering integration of technical standards

The bountiful experience of 20 years in project business and the profound knowledge of established technical standards qualify us as system builders. In ELS 3 we have condensed these factors into a new, pioneering product.

Vorteile von ELS3
Individuell anpassbar: Das Wesentliche sicher im Blick
Beschleunigte Erfassung und Alarmierung
Zukunftsweise Integration von Technikstandards